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Standard trial pack

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Get ready to elevate your leather crafting game with our Standard Trial Pack! This exclusive offer provides you with everything you need to delve into the world of professional leather edge finishing. 

Package Contents:

Basecoat Dense (30ml): A high-quality basecoat designed to prepare your leather edges for a flawless finish. Say goodbye to rough edges and hello to smooth perfection.
Colored Edge Paint (30ml): Experience the richness of our colors. Our advanced formula ensures excellent coverage, scratch resistance, and a long-lasting finish. You now also have the opportunity to choose your favourite colour among our 18 shades.

Choose Your Edge Paint Variant: Basic, Dull, or Dense To cater to your specific needs and preferences, our STANDARD TRIAL PACK offers a choice between three distinct variants of our leather edge paints: Basic, Dull, and Dense.

  • Basic: A classic choice that offers a straightforward, sleek finish.
  • Dull: Ideal for those who prefer a more consistency, understated look.
  • Dense: Perfect for a bolder, more pronounced effect with deeper color saturation.

Perfect for Testing and Trying:
The STANDARD TRIAL PACK is the ideal choice for those who want to test the quality of our leather edge paints without the commitment of purchasing larger quantities. With 30ml of product, you will have enough material to cover small surfaces or to perform color tests on your leather edge. Application is supported by our Edge Paint Pen Applicator that you will find inside this bundle.

Easy to Use:
The free course included will guide you step by step, making the application simple even for beginners. Discover how easy it is to achieve professional results with our TRIAL PACK.

Quality Assured:
We take pride in the quality of our products. The STANDARD TRIAL PACK is produced following the same high standards as our entire range, ensuring you an excellent outcome.

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