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Leather gloss finish

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Leather gloss finish is a special finish that need to be applied on the leather surface to increase the sheen level. The Leather gloss finish has a liquid appearance and a neutral color. It can be applied to full-grain natural leathers after they have been colored with the dye. It can also be used on finished leathers to increase their shine.

The Topcoat can be applied by hand with a cloth, a sponge or a dauber and it dries very quickly. Once dried it can be brushed or polished with a soft cloth.

The Leather gloss finish maintains the softness of the leather unchanged and, thanks to the elasticity of its resins, does not show any cracks even after several months from the application.

The presence of stretchers inside the formulation has allowed the product to be easy to apply, avoiding the unpleasant stripes even in case of hand application. The low viscosity of the product also makes possible the spray application. This is recommended for large surfaces.

Although it is a water-based product the drying time is very quick (10 minutes depending on the room temperature). Once completely dry the product can be applied a second time or polished with a soft cloth or a sponge. The mechanical action of polishing, in fact, contributes to the "closure" of the lacquer rubber which, with the heat given off by the rubbing, melts inside the pores of the leather, increasing the sheen level.

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