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Dull edge paint

extra small 30 ml
small 125 ml
medium 250 ml

White 10

Yellow 26

Orange 58

Red 80

Violet 14

Blue 61

Ochre 85

Tan 69

Brown 59

Brown 24

Dark Brown 98

Black 11

Pink 63

Green 90

Light Blue 45

Grey 77

Green 49

Beige 18

Beige 02

Navy Blue

Green 71

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 Available Sizes Online: 30ml, 125ml, 250ml

For inquiries about the 1000ml bottle, please send an email to


DULL the ultimate Giardini Leather Edge Paint

Have you ever dreamt of a leather edge paint that combines modern innovation and cost savings without compromising on quality? Your wait is over, thanks to DULL, the latest creation from the GIARDINI team. 

DULL is the result of meticulous research and the use of the most advanced raw materials.

This coloured edge paint provides the perfect balance between our Basic and Dense edge paint, making it the ultimate choice for leather edging enthusiasts.

The revolution starts here: with DULL, you can forget the obligation to apply  the Basecoat Dense  as a first coat for edges up to 1.5 mm thick.

For edges thicker than 1.5 mm DULL can also be applied on top the Basecoat Dense, to offer a more rounded effect. 

Like Dense Edge Paint, DULL offers unmatched performance in terms of adhesion, coverage and elasticity, ensuring a top quality finish for your leather creations.

Forget compromise and discover the art of leather edge finishing with DULL from GIARDINI. Make it an integral part of your leather crafting kit and prepare to reach new heights of refinement.



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