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The Sponge Box includes 25 sponges. They are popular tools among leather crafters, thanks to their easy availability on the market and their low cost.

The SpongeI can have different sizes and it is usually selected based on its consistency, in order to have a moderate absorption and a gradual distribution of the paint.



We recommend to choose the PU high density sponge, 115mm x 20mm x h15mm. This suggested shape will make the application easier. The high density of the sponge is necessary to prevent it from absorbing too much paint, in fact the leather edge paint should remain liquid on the surface of the sponge in order to be easily transferred on the leather edge.

To use the sponge, first of all, it is advisable to pour the leather edge paint into a new container, in order to take the paint and apply it more easily. Then you can gently soak the sponge in the container and proceeding with the leather edge paint application. This process is not one of the fastest but, with good dexterity and experience, the leather edge will be well finished. Once the paint has been applied it is necessary to let the product completely dry.

Download data sheet

Download data sheet

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