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The Mini Edge Dye Roller is a small tool for leather edge painting, mainly used from designers, hobbyist or in general small leather crafters. The strong point of this tool is that you need a very few quantities of paints to charge it, so you will not waste your paint any more especially when creating prototypes or when working on small (or single) leather items productions.

Just drop a few ml of paint into the tank, then charge the roller with the paint simply helping to roll by your finger. When you paint start always from the "Roller side", this will avoid the paint to leak out of the tank.

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Mini Edge Dye Roller

It's totally brass made and it is composed by a piece that works both as support and tank for the paint and two rollers with different checkering. For the cleaning operation you can wash the mini edge dye roller using warm water or cleaning using a paper cloth

Download data sheet

Download data sheet

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