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Leather Wash Up is an auxiliary product of the MAXCRAFT series, designed to create a wash-up/vintage effect on the leather.

This finish is applied after the coloring phase of the leather surface is completed by using the MAXCRAFT Leather dye. It acts with a superficial and partial removal of the dye, thus creating a particular wash up effect on the leather surface. The product can be applied by hand with a dauber, a cloth or sponge.

In case of repaint operations the product can be used to clean the leather before being dyed again.

After having realized the Wash up effect, other products of the Maxcraft series can also be applied on top of it, such as Leather dye Fixative, Leather Gloss Finish or Leather Dye Conditioner.

Price Range: 5.90 - 11.90

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Leather Wash up is an auxiliary product that has been studied and improved over the years, adopting the most advanced technologies and raw materials available. To make it even more effective there were added into the formulation special surfactants and ammonia, this guarantees an excellent wash up/vintage effect.

The product has a slightly whitish liquid appearance and a pungent smell. It has been studied to be applied after the coloring phase of the leather surface with the Maxcraft Leather dye.

The wash up effect immediately acts by partially removing the color on the leather surface, thus allowing to create a very particular and unique effect. The final result depends on the quantity of the product applied and on the technique used.

Once applied, the product dries quickly (5-10 minutes, depending on the room temperature) and above it you can complete the finish by with recoloring it or using other products such as Leather Dye Fixative, Leather Gloss Finish and Leather dye Conditioner.

The ammonia and the surfactants present in the formulation work by partially removing the color, avoiding at the same time to modify the structure, the touch and the softness of the leather. In fact these aspects remain unchanged.

The wash up effect is also used in the recoloring processes of finished leathers, in fact its characteristics allow to remove part of the colored surface before proceeding with the recoloring phase.

Dry Time
Dry Time
10 minutes at 25°C
Storage Temp
Storage Temperature
Between 10°C and 30°C
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
24 Months. Once opened, use the products within 6 months.
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Download data sheet

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