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The Roller Dye Tool is one of the most recent tools presented on the market of leathercrafters. It has been designed for the hand application of the leather edge paint and it is a useful tool for small productions.

This manual tool simulates the type of processing of an automatic machine, allowing an accurate and quick application, especially on large surfaces.



The Roller Dye Tool is composed of a basic support that can be easily filled with the paint dyeing and a knurled roller that allows you to transfer the leather edge paint from the tank to the leather edge. The amount of paint to be applied can be adjusted by the blade, in this way you will obtain a uniform leather edge.

It is a tool mainly used in the hand application of small articles with linear geometry and it is also very used for the finishing of belts.

Because the paint is poured into the tank, the main advantage that you notice during its use is to not have too frequent need to pick up the paint all the time, allowing in this way a higher speed during the production process. It requires great care during cleaning, because if not performed correctly (especially on the roller), day by day the remaining paint deposits can affect its proper operation. The cost is still contained and the new support (optional part) make it even easier and comfortable its use.

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Download data sheet

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