First Step Metal Effect

Colored Edge Paint

Apply the Colored Edge Paint (we suggest Dense Edge Paint). Choose the color depending on the final metal color as indicated in the specific Table.

Second Step Metal Effect

Metal Gloss

Once the coloured edge paint is completely dried proceed applying the Metal Gloss as topcoat. Let it dry completely and no more operations are requested.

Third Step Glossy Effect

Final Result

Once the topcoat is completely dried you will got a shiny metal effect. Remember that metal gloss is strictly connected with specific color to be used as base.


How to get a Metal Effect

Metal Effect on leather is a pretty simple finish to achieve, following the steps suggested in this educational video. Remember that every metal color is strictly connected with a specific base color as reporter in this table:

Brown 24 Bronze
Ochre 85 Gold
Black 11 Silver
Green 71 Green
Violet 14  Violet
Blue 61 Blue

Select your favorite Coloured Edge Paint

Select the Metal Gloss