First Step Glitter Effect

Colored Edge Paint

As first layer you should apply the Colored edge paint, choosing from Basic, Semi-dense or Dense version. La scelta del colore va generalmente fatta a contrasto con la successiva scelta del glitter.

Second Step Glitter Effect

Glitter Edge Paint

Second step consist of apply the glitter edge paint, paying attention to gently shake the bottle before proceed in the application. Once dried you’ll be ready to proceed to the last phase.

Third Step Glitter Effect

Protecting Gloss

Last step is the protecting gloss application, after that you don’t need to execute any kind of work on the leather edge (no ironing, no brushing of buffing).


How to get a Glitter Effect

Getting a glitter effect is pretty easy, just follow the instruction of our video tutorial. You can start playing with different base color and glitter in contrast or in combination, to get the most fashionable effect. Many of our customers has already experimented with that.

Select your favorite Colored Edge Paint

Protecting Gloss