First Step Fluo Effect

White Edge Paint (optional)

As first step we suggest to apply a white edge paint working as base on the leather edge, it can be chosen between Basic, Semi-Dense or Dense edge paint. This base will allow the following phase to enhance the fluorescent color, especially when you work with dark leather.

Second Step Fluo Effect

Fluo Edge Paint

Second step consist of apply the fluorescent edge paint in your favourite color. There’s no special advice for the fluo edge paint application, you can apply it in the same way of the other edge paint.

Third Step Fluo Effect

Protecting Gloss

Last step is the protecting gloss application, after that you don’t need to execute any kind of work on the leather edge (no ironing, no brushing of buffing).


How to get a Fluo Effect

To get a fluorescent finish on your leather edge is not so different than the classical finish on the leather edge. Just pay attention to choose the right paint and that's all.

Select your favorite Base Coat

Select your favorite Colored Edge Paint