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The new MAXCRAFT leather dye is the latest development made by GIARDINI GROUP and it represents a big qualitative leap in the dye for natural leather world.

This dye has been developed specifically for the application on natural veg. or chrome tanned leathers, but it can also be applied on some finished leathers.

The main features are the easy application and the color uniformity of the leather surface even after several applications. The application must be carried out with a soft cloth, a sponge or a dauber and once applied, the product usually dries in 5-10 minutes, depending on the environmental conditions.

The MAXCRAFT Leather Dye uses a water based technology so not toxic, that makes the product eco-friendly and without strong odors. The product is available in a range of 30 ready-to-use colors that can be mixed together.

Price Range: 7.90 - 14.90

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The new MAXCRAFT leather dye is the latest development made by GIARDINI GROUP and it represents a big qualitative leap in the dye for natural leather world. This leather dye has been developed over the last few years as a result of the employment of new raw materials that have made possible what could not have been possible before.

Contrary to the classic leather dyes that are mainly solvent or alcohol based, the MAXCRAFT product series is a water based dye and it is composed by special resins that have been selected to provide the key features that all the leather workers need and require.

It has a very dense/creamy liquid appearance, so its application is different from other traditional methods. MAXCRAFT Leather dye is generally applied by hand using a soft cloth, sponge or dauber; the product has been developed to give, even to the less experienced leather craftes, the opportunity to obtain a quality result avoiding the risk of ruining the leather. The product has been studied to be applied on all types of full grain leather, specifically on natural (crust) leather with a natural or chrome tanning. It can also be applied on some finished leathers.

Once applied, the product dries very quickly (5 to 10 minutes) and when it is completely dry it can be subjected to further processing such as re-dyeing, washing and using final finishes to obtain different effects and thus create a characteristic and unique leather item

The special resins used in the development of the MAXCRAFT leather dye guarantee the anchoring of the paint in to the substrate of the leather, maintaining at the same time, the characteristics of the leather and the soft and silky feeling unchanged, without any risk of cracks.

The precious waxes, on the other hand, make the MAXCRAFT leather dye particularly suitable for polishing, in fact by using a soft cloth or a brush and acting on the surface, it is possible to quickly and easily obtain a high level of sheen of the leather.

By using this product you will achieve a very high uniformity of the color application. Maxcraft Leather Dye will also help you to hide the little imperfections that can be commonly found on a leather surface. All these features ensure a smooth surface.

The leather dye is available in a 30 colors range, all compatible and mixable with each other. The dyes used are of EU origin and of the highest quality. Ensuring durability over time and excellent resistance to UV rays.

Dry Time
Dry Time
5 to 10 minutes at 25°C
Storage Temp
Storage Temperature
Between 5°C and 30°C
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
24 Months. Once opened, use the products within 6 months.
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Download data sheet

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