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The Exotic Leather Special Dye is the 2019’s news among the leather dye products range. This leather dye allow to get a two-tone effect on natural exotic leather or on natural embossed leather. The speciality of this leather dye consists in the fact that the two-tone effect can be obtained using this single paint.

The application of the Exotic Leather Special Dye must be carried out using a soft cloth, a sponge or a dauber, after which is left to dry for about 5-10 minutes (depending on the environmental conditions), at the end of this phase the leather will appear colored in the most dark tone. Once dried, proceed with a clean cloth (or a brush), removing a part of the darker color, and discovering the lighter tone that has penetrated the leather. The effect you got is a two-tone which follow the texture of the exotic (or embossed) leather, leaving the darker tone inside the hollows and the lighter tone in the remaining areas.

Like the whole MAXCRAFT range, the special dye for exotic leather uses a water-based technology that makes this leather dye environmentally sustainable and free of strong odors. This leather dye is available in a range of 20 two-tone effects, ready for use.

Price Range: 10.90 - 21.90

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The Exotic Leather Special Dye is a unique paint of its kind, as it allows to get a two-tone effect on exotic or embossed natural leather by a single application. There are 20 two-tone combination ready for use, which you can see in detail below:

Exotic Leather Dye - Aquamarine
Exotic Leather Dye - Afghan Wool
Exotic Leather Dye - After Eight
Exotic Leather Dye - Khmer
Exotic Leather Dye - Jungle
Exotic Leather Dye - Sunrise
Exotic Leather Dye - Honey
Exotic Leather Dye - Bee
Exotic Leather Dye - Greenrange
Exotic Leather Dye - Fuego
Exotic Leather Dye - Fiesta
Exotic Leather Dye - Brickwork
Exotic Leather Dye - Bouganville
Exotic Leather Dye - Pinkie
Exotic Leather Dye - Elsa
Exotic Leather Dye - Deep Purple
Exotic Leather Dye - Adriatic
Exotic Leather Dye - Barca
Exotic Leather Dye - Morfo Blue
Exotic Leather Dye - Night

Like all other MAXCRAFT products, it has been created using a water-based technology that makes this leather dye completely sustainable and safe for human health. Thanks to our R&D lab, we were able to insert a combination of dyes and pigments inside the paint, which made it possible to create the two-tone effect with a single paint.

The Exotic Leather Special Dye in normally applied with the same procedure used for the classic Leather Dye application, using a soft cloth, a sponge or a dauber. Once applied it must dry for about 5-10 minutes (depending on the environmental conditions). During the drying phase the dyes penetrate inside the leather fibers, while the pigments will remain deposited on the surface of the leather.

Once the paint is completely dry, you can proceed to pigment removal. This is achieved by rubbing the leather surface using a soft leather cloth or a wool/cotton cloth to brush. The mechanical action of the rubbing increases the local temperature on the most prominent areas on the leather surface, where the pigment is then removed allowing the underlying color to appear.

Depending on the type of leather used, you can achieve different finishing effects with the two-tone feature. Once you got your desired finish, you can also use topcoat, such as Leather Gloss Finish or Leather Fixative, to complete the finishing of your exotic or embossed leather.

Dry Time
Dry Time
5 to 10 minutes at 25°C
Storage Temp
Storage Temperature
Between 5°C and 30°C
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
30 Months. Once opened, use the products within 6 months.
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Download data sheet

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