The Cleaner is a liquid studied for removing paint residuals from hand applicators or machines.

The Cleaner is a water-based product with a mixture of surfactants inside, which have been inserted to facilitate the disintegration of the paint once dry.

Price Range: 6.90 - 9.90

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It is mainly used to facilitate the removal of the paint from tools or machines,this product will make the cleaning operation quicker and easier. In case of particularly difficult residues to remove, it is advisable to leave the tool soaking for several hours in the Cleaner, and once the residues have been softened, they can be removed by using a hard bristle brush.

The Cleaner can also be used to clean the leather surface, but in this case it is advisable to test that the cleaning liquid does not remove the finish of the leather, or that it could alter it in any way.

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Download data sheet

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